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Pro/Am Dance Canada is a website dedicated to providing information on Canadian Pro/Am competitions in one place. Our goal is to cut down on the time it takes to research competitions by finding all the information for you.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive details for each event specific to pro/am. On each competition page, you will find information such as website, organizer, location, multi-dance and scholarship events offered, event size, pricing, and more.

Our aim is to provide a snap-shot of each competition all year round to allow for planning–even if the information is no longer available from the competition directly. 

It takes time and planning to prepare and budget to compete in pro/am. We hope to provide you with tools to help keep you on the competition floor!

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2018 Canadian Closed Pro/Am Champions:


A – Pamela Hewitt and Yuriy Shelkovyy

B – Kasia Majewski and Yuriy Shelkovyy

C – Beverly Moore and Alain Doucet


A -Romina Brignardello and Jesse Valvasori

B -Sabrina Nirichi and Danny Arbour

C -Sherry Dong and Dmitry Ilyushenov


A -Nathalie Vuong and Volvick Edouard

B -Alicia Havryluk and Dmytro Gurko

C -Beverly Moore and Alain Doucet


A – Nathalie Vuong and Volvick Edouard

B – Alicia Havryluk and Dmytro Gurkov

C – Allison Bent and Vadim Safonov


A – Pam Hewitt and Yuriy Shelkovyy

B – Donna Hammerschmidt and Ryan Anderson

C – Joanne Walford and Jean-Philippe Milot


A – Nathalie Vuong and Volvick Edouard

B – Alicia Havryluk and Dmytro Gurkov

C – Allison Bent and Vadim Safonov

For a listing of Canadian Dancesport Federation/National Dance Council of Canada sanctioned events please visit: http://www.canadiandancesportfederation.ca/content/calendar-events

While we make every effort to be accurate, information is posted as a guideline only and subject to change. Please refer to the websites posted for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Our cost information are competition fees only. Keep in mind that most professionals charge their own fees in addition to these costs (as is fair for the amazing work they do). P/ADC is not responsible for the accuracy of information.