Can-Am Dancesport Gala

Can-Am Dancesport Gala – Information updated April 2018

Basic Information:


Organizers: John Karakis, Brigitt Mayer, Ann Harding, Lisa MacLaggan


Location: Toronto, ON

Usual Date: 3rd Weekend in July

Registration Deadline: End June

Private Videotaping: Not permitted and a vendor is provided, but not yet listed. Cost information not available.

Schedule Information:

  • Thursday Daytime – all levels Open/Closed Rhythm single, multi-dance events, and closed Scholarships
  • Thursday Evening – Pro/am Open and WDSS Open Rhythm Scholarships, 9-dance Scholarship Rhythm portion
  • Friday Daytime – all levels Open/Closed Smooth single, multi-dance, WDSS events and closed scholarships, all levels Open/Closed Latin single and multi-dance, WDSS events and closed scholarships
  • Friday Evening – Pro/am Open Latin and Smooth Scholarships, 9-dance Scholarship Smooth portion, 10-dance Scholarship Latin portion
  • Saturday Daytime – all Solos, all levels Open/Closed Standard single, multi-dance, WDSS events and closed Scholarships
  • Saturday Evening – Pro/am Open Standard Scholarship, 10-dance Scholarship Standard portion
  • Sunday – No pro/am events, but lectures and workshops

Cash Prizes Offered: Yes, $500-$50 for 1st-6th in Open Scholarships, and $250-$50 for 1st-6th in Closed and Senior Scholarships, with amounts paid in vouchers for 4th-6th places and cut in 1/2 for events with less than 6 participants (equivalent single dance entries required for each scholarship). Top Student awards are $100 WDSS vouchers for top 20 students and trophies awarded for top male and female in each level. $1-3 vouchers are awarded for each 1st-3rd placing. Top Teacher Awards offered with a $10,000 prize  for first place.

Scholarship Event Size Range: Standard 3, Latin 1, Smooth 1-9, Rhythm 2-3, 9-dance 4

Previous Year’s Results:

Multi-Dance and Scholarship Event Information:

2017 CanAm International Style multi dance events

2017 CanAm American Style multi dance events

No heat length information is available.



  • Full event VIP pass – $220 preferred seating
  • Thursday full day pass – early bird $55, regular $60, with dinner $85
  • Friday full day pass – early bird $65, regular $70, with dinner $85
  • Saturday full day pass – early bird $65, regular $70, with champagne reception and grand banquet $215
  • Sunday workshop pass – $50

Entry Fees:

  • Solo Routines (per couple) – with package $65, without $70 per event
  • Single Dance Event (per couple) – with package $35, without $40 per event
  • Open 3-4-Dance Event (per couple) – with package $80, without $90 per event
  • Closed 3-4-Dance Scholarship Event (per couple) – with package $90, without package $110 per event
  • Open Scholarship and WDSS Championship Event (per couple) – with package $105, without $125

**NOTE: Scholarships require similar number of single dance entries (eg. 3 singles for a 3-dance Scholarship)


Packages are offered that include meals, VIP seating, and other extras in 2-4 day options. Hotel is not included in package, and prices are not yet available but there are both early-bird and group discounts mentioned.


CADG includes Professional Open, Rising Star and showdance competitions spread over the 3 nights. CADG lists all Can-Am champions (including pro/am) on their website which is a nice touch. We will be watching for information on the 2018 event and hope to be able to provide improved information for 2019.

While we make every effort to be accurate, information is posted as a guideline only and subject to change. Please refer to the websites posted for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Our cost information are competition fees only. Keep in mind that most professionals charge their own fees in addition to these costs (as is fair for the amazing work they do). P/ADC is not responsible for the accuracy of information.