Calgary Open

Calgary Open – Information updated May 2018

Basic Information:


Organizers: Thu Luu

Facebook: None specific to this event

Location: Calgary, AB

Usual Date: 2nd Saturday in May

Registration Deadline: Mid-End April

Private Videotaping: Permitted, except professional events

Schedule Information:

  • Saturday – All events. No breakdown is provided.

Cash Prizes Offered: Yes, amounts range from $100-$250 and will be halved for events with less than 5 entries (entry in an amount of  single dances equal to the number of dances in the scholarship are required for scholarships). Top Teacher Awards offered with a $1,000 prize for first place.

2018 Multi-Dance Event Size Range:

Closed Events:

Standard Latin Smooth Rhythm
Pre-Bronze A 1
C 1
Bronze A
B 1 1
C 1 2
Silver A 1
C 1 1
Gold A 1 1
Pre-Champ B 2
Champ A 1
B 1

Open Events:

Standard Latin Smooth Rhythm
Beg to Bronze
Silver to Gold 1
PreChamp to Champ 2 1
Beg to Bronze Schlrshp 2 1
Silver to Gold Schlrshp 1
PreChamp to Champ Schlrshp
2 2

Previous Year’s Results: 2018 results available at

Multi-Dance and Scholarship Event Information:

2018 Calgary Open multi dance events

The rules and regulations state pro/am heat length will be 1:15-1:30 for all events.



  • Saturday full day pass – front row with dinner $90, second row with dinner $85, second row without dinner $55

***Competitors must purchase a full day pass

Entry Fees:

  • Solo Routines (per couple) – $45
  • Single Dance Event (per couple) – fewer than 10 entries $30, more than 10 entries $25
  • Closed and Open Multi-Dance Event (per couple) – $45 per event
  • Scholarship Event (per couple) – $50 per event

**NOTE: Scholarships require similar number of single dance entries (eg. 3 singles for a 3-dance Scholarship)


CO also includes Country-Western, and Formation Team events.

While we make every effort to be accurate, information is posted as a guideline only and subject to change. Please refer to the websites posted for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Our cost information are competition fees only. Keep in mind that most professionals charge their own fees in addition to these costs (as is fair for the amazing work they do). P/ADC is not responsible for the accuracy of information.