Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Pro/Am Dance Canada?

Pro/Am Dance Canada is a website that compiles information on all Pro/Am competitions in Canada so that it is available year-round, even when websites change or become inactive from year-to-year.

2. What was the motivation for Pro/Am Dance Canada?

The idea for Pro/Am Dance Canada developed from frustration in trying to find information about pro/am competitions in Canada to determine if they were competitions we would like to plan to compete at. Because it takes time to plan and budget to compete in pro/am, the difficulty in finding accurate information to enable that was monumental. We were starting to develop files on our own for reference and it occurred to us that perhaps there are others who would also like year-round information.

3. Who is Pro/Am Dance Canada for?

Pro/Am Dance Canada is primarily meant for pro/am students, but certainly any dancer can benefit from the information here. We encourage anyone to contact us with feedback to help us improve what information we present and how we present it.

4.  How do I contact Pro/Am Dance Canada?

We can be contacted by email at proamdancecanada@gmail.com, through facebook messenger at www.facebook.com/proamdancecanada, or be filling out the form on our Contact  page.

5.  What haven’t you included Canada Dancesport Competitions?

Our original intent was to include competitions from both CDF and CDS, but our research showed that the pro/am component of CDS competitions (referred to as Teacher/Student) was almost non-existent. If ever we feel information for a CDS competition would benefit pro/am dancers, we will add it to our list!

6.  How did you determine what information to include?

We determined our content based on what we felt was most relevant to pro/am competitors combined with feedback from competitors themselves and what is available. We also wanted to try to stick to factual information to allow competitors to draw their own conclusions based on what is important to them.

7. Can I contribute information?

Absolutely! We encourage competitors and organizers to contact us with any information that will strengthen the accuracy of our website. We are limited to information we can find and as much as we would like to compete everywhere it is just not practicable!

8. What can we expect from the future of Pro/Am Dance Canada?

The sky’s the limit! We have a lot of ideas and hope to add and implement soon. We estimate it will take a full year to gather all the basic information we would like to include. If there is something you would like to see, please contact us with suggestions!

9. Who administers Pro/Am Dance Canada?

We are pro/am competitors who wish to remain anonymous.